Wednesday, November 18, 2015

10 Ripped Kids That Have Been Hitting the Gym Instead of the Playground

#10 – Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano Stroe is 11 years old, comes from the country of Romania, which is also where he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest person to ever finish a 10 meter hand walk with a medicine ball between his knees (in case you don’t follow that sort of thing); Stroe was able to pull off the incredibly impressive feat in Italy on live television, but wasn’t satisfied stopping there: in 2010, he broke another world record when he completed twenty “90 degree” pushups, shattering his old record of 12. Parents take heed: Guiliano Stroe is what happens when kids actually eat their broccoli

#9 – Claudio Stroe

Not to be outdone by his sibling, Giuliano’s younger brother Claudio is nine years old and built of pure strength; he and his brother lift weights together for two hours every day as a hobby, but it won’t be long before they discover wrestling. Claudio can already do handstand press-ups, and has been attempting (unsuccessfully) to pull off the same flagpole hold that his brother can do. The boys’ father, Iulian, has hoped that the Stroe brothers would be able to earn the family financial stability with worldwide fame, but it has yet to happen: turns out there isn’t much money in being a miniature monster.

#8 – Jake Schellenschlager

At 14 years old, Jake Schellenschlager was able to pull off a huge achievement of strength when he dead-lifted 300 pounds in front of an audience (I can’t even watch someone lift 300 pounds without getting tired). Jake first started training in 2011, and has trained since every single day of the week; as a result of his hard work, he has set 16 records in the United States while documenting his training regiment on both Instagram and YouTube. The craziest part about Jake’s ability to lift over 300 pounds is the fact that he accomplished it for the first time when he was only 119 pounds, which is enough to make you think about what you say to him before you begin speaking

#7 – Andrey Moroz

The Russian native Andrey Moroz is one of the strongest children in the world at just 13 years of age. Andrey is the younger brother of Sergey Moroz, a teenage bodybuilder in his own right, but Andrey’s young age and small stature make his bodybuilding accomplishments much more impressive. In addition to his strength training, Andrey has also gotten involved with mixed martial arts as part of building himself up, and has even taken part in one fight already. To be honest with you my day was a bit better before I learned I might lose a skirmish with a 13 year old!

#6 – Andrey Kostash

Andrey Kostash is a 10 year old Ukrainian native started training when he was just five years old. Kostash set a Guinness world record when he was able to perform 4,000 pushups in a row without any breaks! Kostash has also set some records in the adult division of his native country, and has even done some acting on the side. Kostash’s father is currently serving as his active manager, and is hoping to make him a star, but if Kotash has shown us anything it’s that he doesn’t need any help pushing himself up: he did it 4,000 times.

#5 – Cosmo Taylor

In 2014, Cosmo Taylor became the youngest bodybuilder in Great Britain, and is able to bench press more than his own bodyweight. Taylor participates in worldwide competitions, spends an hour lifting weights every single day, and keeps his body fat at just under eight percent (which is abnormally low for his age). Like many of the others kids on this list, Taylor is trained by his father, but these two compete together as a father/son duo: bringing “like father like son” to a whole new meaning!

#4 – CJ Senter

CJ Senter is the first American on our list, hailing from Locust Grove, Georgia. Senter is now 14 years old, and has been training other children his age since he was 10. Senter has produced multiple fitness DVD’s which has earned him the nickname of “The Workout Kid.” Senter currently travels around to schools across the country in an effort to lead his peers in exhausting workouts. Incredibly, Senter has had an eight-pack on his abdominal muscles for years now, a feat which most adult bodybuilders still struggle to achieve. I have seen a lot of crap work out instructional over the years, but I would never have imagined that I’d be listening to a kid on how to get fit.

#3 – Kyle Kane

Kyle Kane was 12 years old at the time, when he attended a bodybuilding event in England and impressed the crowd by lifting a whopping 308 pounds. Kane started lifting at the ripe age of 10, and was hitting the gym four times a week. Kane’s most impressive lifting record is being able to bench an incredible 600 pounds in the leg press, which is the equivalent of a horse! Kane has said that he wants to keep breaking records and, and can hopefully someday compete in either the Olympics or the World’s Strongest Man competition (not that he’s really that far off anyways).

#2 – Varya Akulova

The Ukrainian native Varya Akulova may be 23 years old, but she started gaining popularity as a bodybuilder when she was just a child. As the daughter of famous circus performers, Akulova earned the title of “The Strongest Girl In The World” when she was only eight years old after lifting 220 pounds during her family’s act. By the time she was 14, Akulova was lifting an astonishing 660 pounds! Akulova has used her strength to generate a lot of interest in the circus industry, which she feels very passionate about. By the time she is an adult, Akulova won’t even need a car jack, she’ll just pick up her ride and do it all by hand!

#1 – Richard Sandrak

Just like Akulova, Sandrak is also a 23 year old from the Ukraine. Sandrak moved to America at a very young age, and at six years old he earned the nickname of “Little Hercules” when he was bench pressing 180 pounds. Sandrak’s daily workout consisted of 600 pushups, 600 sit ups, and 300 squats, which is enough to make anybody shudder. Sandrak had a strained childhood since he was training so much, which is why he stopped focusing on lifting in his adult life: even so, I wouldn’t advise provoking him or else he may come out of an early retirement.

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