Monday, November 16, 2015

A raging bloody years of IS

Over the last year, the Islamic State forces claiming (IS) has caused a series of terrorist attacks on a global scale, killing thousands of innocent people.

The attacks remarkable IS
After separation from the infamous terrorist organization of al-Qaeda in early 2014, the Islamic State of focusing on strengthening the terrorist activities in Iraq and Syria. The group shocked the world when occupied Mosul, one of Iraq's largest cities, five months after breaking with al-Qaeda.

In May 11/2015, IS begin immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks in Iraq and outside the territory of Syria. The attack inspired IS occurred first in Tunisia in January, when gunmen fired on local tourists. It shows that the expansion of this organization.

  • Paris
    DATE 13/11/2015
    Paris, France. 129 dead
    Chain horrific terrorist attacks occurred at many places in Paris, France, as 129 people dead and hundreds injured. This is the bloodiest terrorist attacks in France since World War II. For the first time after several decades, France declared a state of emergency throughout the territory and border closures. After the first response, French President François Hollande has ordered air strike conducted IS objectives to respond terrorist attacks.
  • Beirut
    DATE 11/12/2015
    Beirut, Lebanon. 43 people killed
    Suicide bombings occurred in southern Beirut, where Hezbollah members lived. Organization advocates of Shiite fighting alongside Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad against the rebels quantity.
  • Sinai
    DATE 10/31/2015
    Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. 224 dead
    A passenger jet of the Russian airline Kogalymavia falling Sinai Peninsula shortly after takeoff returned to Russia as 217 passengers and seven crew members were killed. Western intelligence said that a bomb placed aboard aircraft caused carrying 224 people crashed.
  • Abha, Saudi Arabia​
    DATE 08/08/2015
    Abha, Saudi Arabia. 15 people killed
    A young 21 year old carried out the attack on the mosque in Abha. IS published an audiotape threatening Saudi Arabia shortly before the bombing occurred. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries participating in the coalition airstrikes IS US-led Iraq and Syria.
  • Thành phố Kuwait, Kuwait​
    DATE 06/26/2015
    Kuwait City, Kuwait. 27 dead
    A suicide bomber detonated the bomb he was carrying that 27 people were killed and dozens of others injured. The perpetrator carried out the attack are members of an organization affiliated with IS. It was the bloodiest attack in Kuwait for 20 years. Victims who just completed vigil at the local mosque.
  • Sousse, Tunisia
    DATE 06/26/2015
    Sousse, Tunisia. 38 dead
    Gunmen attacked a tourist area crowded tourist resorts in Europe in Sousse. It is a strong blow to the tourism industry of Tunisia but most tourists killed and wounded as a British citizen.
  • Sanaa, Yemen
    DATE 06/20/2015
    Sanaa, Yemen. 2 deaths
    A car bomb exploded outside mosques in the ancient city of Sanaa as 2 people were killed and 6 wounded. IS statement Shiite mosque bombing al-Mahdi Qabat targeting Houthis rebels, controlling force from January 9/2014 Sanaa.
  • Sanaa, Yemen
    DATE 06/17/2015
    Sanaa, Yemen. 4 people killed
    Series car bombings killing 4 people and injuring dozens in Sanaa when Muslims are celebrating Ramadan fasting month.
  • Qadeeh, Saudi Arabia
    DATE 05/22/2015
    Qadesh, Saudi Arabia. 21 dead
    This is the first attack of IS in Saudi Arabia. In addition to 21 deaths, suicide bombings targeting mosques of Shiites in the village of Qadeeh also wounded 123 people. The faithful were celebrating the birthday of a saint.
  • Sirte, Libya
    DATE 05/20/2015
    Sirte, Libya. 23 dead
    The rebels carried out a massive attack on the military base in Libya. IS claims accounted for many of the vehicles and weapons in the Libyan army forces confirmed killing 23 rebels IS. Mutually confirmed victory
  • Jalalabad, Afghanistan
    DATE 04/18/2015
    Jalalabad, Afghanistan. 34 dead
    A suicide bomber detonated a bomb jacket worn on the body in the region of the Afghan government officials are queuing receive salaries. The attack left 34 people dead and 125 others injured.
  • Tripoli, Libya
    DATE 04/13/2015
    Tripoli, Libya. 2 dead
    One day before the Embassy bombings in Morocco, two guards at the Korean Embassy were killed in a shooting attack. IS did not state the reason for the attack.
  • Bán đảo Sinai, Ai Cập
    DATE 04/02/2015
    Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. 17 dead
    15 soldiers and two civilians were killed when rebels carried out the attack on an army checkpoints of Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula. The attackers used rocket-propelled grenades and rifles. Sinai Peninsula where extremist forces swear allegiance to gain control IS.
  • Sanaa, Yemen
    DATE 03/21/2015
    Sanaa, Yemen. 137 dead
    4 suicide bombers conducted the attacks on two mosques in succession in Sanaa, killing 137 people and wounding 300 others. Al-Qaeda forces, which plagued the Arab Peninsula, linked to deny that the attacks IS become the main suspect.
  • Tunis, Tunisia​
    DATE 03/18/2015
    Tunis, Tunisia. 22 dead
    Two gunmen who carried out the attack Tunisia at the National Museum of Bardo, killing 21 security personnel and visitors from countries such as Italy, Spain, UK, Japan and Colombia. Dozens of others were injured. Police kill suspect after the gun battle. This is the first time claimed responsibility for an IS attack in Tunisia.
  • Libya
    DATE 02/15/2015
    Libya. 21 dead
    A video was released in Libya IS photo shows militants beheaded an Egyptian Christian. 20 of the 21 victims were identified as Catholics kidnapped May 12/2014 and 1/2015 in the city of Sirte month.
  • Bán đảo Sinai, Ai Cập
    DATE 01/29/2015
    Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. 27 dead
    4 attackers killed 27 people in a few hours in the northern Sinai and the Suez province. Most of those killed were victims of bombings of military bases and el-Arish hotels. One soldier died when the terrorists attacked a checkpoints.
  • Tripoi, Libya
    DATE 01/27/2015
    Tripoli, Libya. 10 dead
    5 Libyan security personnel and five foreign troops, including an American military contractors, were killed when masked gunmen fired on Corinthia hotel and detonated a car bomb outside the gate. Forces linked to the IS in Tripoli claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • Paris, Pháp
    DATE 01/07/2015
    Paris, France. 17 dead
    Two attackers perform terrorist attacks in the newsroom satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 10 people inside and two police officers. Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula claimed responsibility for the attack. The next day, a man who murdered a police officer and declare inspired the attacks of IS. Then he shot and killed four hostages in a supermarket. All 3 gunmen in two attacks are destroyed.
  • Arar, Saudi Arabia
    DATE 01/05/2015
    Rar, Saudi Arabia. 3 dead
    4 gunmen, a coat containing a bomb, killing three security guards on the border checkpoints in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This was the first direct assault IS a military base in Saudi Arabia.

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