Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why the terrorists often are brothers?

The connection of blood, solidarity and the common thought in the same household help terrorists to coordinate food ideas in the operation than a suicide attack.

Kouachi Brothers, perpetrators of editorial shootings satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Photo: Telegraph
During the night of 13/11 bloody attack in Paris, French police confirmed the identity of two suspects Ibrahim Salah Abdeslam Abdeslam and brothers in a family of French-Belgium. Ibrahim died after suicide bombings, Salah was running away in Belgium. Belgian police arrested him 3rd person in the family is Mohammed. The man was released after several hours of interrogation.
Abdel-Hamid Abu Oud, who is suspected of masterminding performing bloody attacks in Paris once brought his 13 year old brother to Syria. Then he and his brother had appeared on a pick-up truck entail determining Syrian army soldiers in a clip posted on the Internet.
Earlier, in the shootings in the newsroom Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, is the main culprit Kouachi brothers. Perpetrators of bombings in Boston Marathon race, America in 2013 is also Tsarnaev brothers.
Many attacks occur bloody jihad around the world with the terrorists are brothers in the same family. In addition, the jihadists in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and France often call each other "brothers". This form of address to show solidarity and attachment, identity and the joint efforts of its members.
According to the Guardian, a very important reason is the terrorists are brothers in a family with a long time to grow up and live together so understand each other's personality. As brothers, these people will unite more determined in the terrorist activities. When things exposed or not smooth, we can suicide to protect each other, but the comrades are suddenly hard to accomplish.
In addition, family members often conceal criminal behavior of family members makes early detection of terrorist plots become more difficult.

Family jihad

Tsarnaev brothers perpetrators of bombings in Boston in 2013. Photo: The Guardian
According to the Immigration authorities of the country, the relationship you very popular among people who travel to Iraq, Syria or other combat zone. Most of the journey to the Middle East of Muslims in Europe are members of one family.
British police said the three brothers aged 17 and 21 have left Brighton, England to join the Al Qaeda branch in Syria. In October, a court in Portsmouth, England was sentenced on charges Jaman brothers advice and assistance to European citizens move to the IS.
"Family jihad" is a term that those who commanded the terrorist organizations are exploiting thoroughly in order to recruit new members. 10 years ago, a military intelligence officer in Iraq warned that the radical Islamic elements have blood relation could increase terrorist activities around the world.
According to a recent study of Non-governmental organization New America, the United States, a quarter of western gunmen have family connections to the holy war in Iraq or Syria. These people can through relatives who are fighting in Iraq and Syria, or through marriage and some other connection.
Jason Burke, senior reporter of The Guardian commented, ideology has very important role in attracting family members in extremist activities. When a family member is affected by the propaganda activities of extremist Islamic fundamentalism, they may entice other members of the family involved in nefarious activities.
Dr. Rik Coolsaet, expert research network Belgian jihadists argue: "Kinship, friendship is very important in attracting members in terrorist activities. It is even more important than religious elements or regions ".
He added, barriers and social psychology to engage terrorist activities is much higher than any other activity, but the mechanism of the process of drawing people involved is the same.
Another study from the University of Pennsylvania on family factors in 120 cases of terrorism only by an individual execution. Results showed that 64% of families are aware of the intention of the terrorist acts of individuals through the conversation.
The members of the family can live together while quite long so they can find the abnormal behavior of one member. The proportion of families jihadi terrorist attacks on the rise, which makes the fight against terrorism becomes more difficult, especially in the context of IS are themselves "tentacles" throughout the world.

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