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WTF: 21 Bizarre People You Will Refuse to Believe are Real Read

Thanks to the world of the internet, we have found some of the freakiest people that will cause you to drop a WTF in a second! Here’s a list of 21 people who are, despite being hard to believe, living and breathing in this world! Take a look at this carnival freak show brought directly to you!

#21 – Pierced

Today, it’s not uncommon to see someone with tattoos covering their entire body. It’s also fairly common to see individuals with piercings all over their face. But, how much is too much and how extreme is too extreme? Take a look at Rolf Buchholz, a 55 year old native of Germany who holds the Guinness World Record for the most body piercings.  Part of Rolf’s face is actually being suspended by his piercings. Despite the extreme pain that he has endured to ensure his record breaking endeavors do not go unnoticed, he remains completely unfazed (and crazy, if you ask us!). Rolf definitely takes “no pain, no gain” to the human body’s limit.

#20 – The Smurf

The Smurf
From fad diets to medicinal trends that many claim to have great results, this living smurf has taken the idea of a fad to an entirely new level. Paul Karason, the living blue man pictured here, began taking colloidal silver decades ago to alleviate a skin condition which, ironically, caused an eternal skin condition by transforming his entire body into a bluish gray hue. The FDA banned silver as a medical treatment long ago, clearing shelves across the nation. Unfortunately, Paul must have missed the memo or heard the news far too late. One thing is for sure, if he ever needs a job, we’re positive he’d be a hit with the Blue Man Group.

#19 – Barbie

With the popularity of social media, stories of living Barbies circulate news feeds weekly as many women seek their claim to fame as the living version of the doll. Following similar suit, Valeria Lukyanova has done everything possible to transform herself into a living, breathing Barbie doll. Valeria is truly a Barbie girl in her own Barbie world and has undergone countless surgeries, not to mention spending endless hours at the gym to maintain her figure. Despite the resemblance, we imagine that this Barbie’s life may be far from the fairytale she hoped, at least not until she finds a Malibu mansion and her very own version of Ken.

#18 – The Hair Up There

The Hair Up There
From shaving and waxing, men and women go to great lengths to tame their body hair (and for good reason!). While many of us complain about the amount of body hair we have and the hassles of shaving, our pain is nothing compared to Yu Zhenhuan. Hailing from China, Yu has channeled his inner “Cousin-It”, having been named the hairiest person in the world with more than 95% of his body covered in hair. Obviously, Yu doesn’t bother spending time or money on razors or waxing. Of course, we can’t imagine the amount of shampoo and conditioner he needs to tame all of that frizz!

#17 - Tatted Up

Tatted Up
We’ve met the person who holds the title of having the most piercings in the world, but what about tattoos? Julia Gnuse is a living work of art as more than 95% of her body is covered in tattoos. Why so many? Gnuse was extremely embarrassed by her skin condition and decided that, rather than be stared at because of her imperfections, she could be the center of conversation with head to toe tattoos. A real regular at the ink parlor, to say the least, Gnuse has regained the confidence needed to walk openly in public again, an epic twist of Shyamalan proportions.

#16 – More Tats

More Tats
Yes, yes, tats and more tats! If you thought that Gnuse’s tattoos were impressive then prepare to have your mind blown. While Gnuse has the most tattoos for any woman, Lucky Diamond Rich has set the record for having the most tattoos of any person. Literally, there is not a single part of Rich’s body that has been left as a blank canvas. He has 100% of his body permanently decorated in symbolic artwork that literally covers his eyelids and ears to his private regions and toes. What’s left for Rich to tattoo? We’re sure he’s figured out something else that he can ink!

#15 – Hippy

Don’t ask a woman how much she weighs and don’t ever make a comment about her hips. Unless, of course, you’re wanting to sleep on the couch for the night. While many people complain about their hips being too fat or too skinny, Mikel Ruffinelli’s hips just might silence the complaints of the masses. Mikel has hips to make even Shakira jealous, not to mention she holds the title as having the largest hips in the world! Mikel is actually rounder than she is tall with hips measuring in at an astonishing eight feet! How does she get through a regular door much less sleep comfortably or drive a car?

#14 – Roid Rage

At one time in the history of American sports, steroids were not only legal, they were widely encouraged. Because of this, steroids caused many athletes to bulk up in size, allowing them to become all-stars in their sports and driving them to incredible fame. As steroids became popular outside of sports, the super-serum was quickly banned. Despite the ban, Steve Kucio, a firefighter and bodybuilder, continues to use steroids to maintain his looks. In fact, we think he resembles an extremely tan Incredible Hulk with muscles nearly ripping out of skin! One look at him and all the single ladies will call in a house fire just to get “saved” by this incredible hulk.

#13 – Rage On

If you thought men were the only ones using steroids, think again. It is natural for women to have much less muscle than men, which makes it hard for women to build and maintain their physique. Despite this being a natural part of life, some females refuse to go quietly into the scrawny, weak world. This Amazonian woman has been lifting and juicing for decades! Just look at the veins popping in her upper body! With a look of intense focus and anger, we imagine she can put up one heck of a fight against any prize fighter.

#12 – Lend Me a Hand

Lend Me A Hand
We often don’t give much thought to our hands, taking them for granted as we go about our normal routines. After looking at this photo, we imagine that things may change for you as you realize just how beautiful your rather normal looking hands are. This young boy, Kaleem, was born with hands twice as large as any other baby, not to mention the fact that they even dwarfed the hands of the doctor that delivered him at birth! Kaleem, now 9 years old, suffers from a rare condition as his hands have continued to grow at a rapid rate, now larger than his head. We have no doubt that Kaleem has an interesting future ahead of him as he’s most likely a surefire pick for a baseball team needing a catcher or outfielder.

#11 – Rubbernecking

Has your grandmother ever complained of her wiggly wobbly turkey neck? Despite grandma’s complaints, necks aren’t usually a high topic of conversation in Western culture. However, in some countries, such as Africa, necks are of great importance. In African tradition, necks are taken quite seriously as some tribes require women to wear gold rings around their throats, which ends up creating immense pressure on their shoulders and ribs. This act to elongate the neck is believed to be a sign of feminine beauty that is praised across the continent. Just remember: If you hate the look of your neck, you could always just put a ring on it.

#10 – Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped
We’ve already seen the woman with the largest hips (eight feet wide, remember?) but having large hips isn’t nearly as unbelievable as this woman’s condition! Mandy Sellars was born with a mutation that has forced her legs to keep growing long after her initial growth spurt during her child and teenage years. Mandy’s condition is the same condition that the historic Elephant Man suffered. Unfortunately, Mandy had to undergo an operation five years ago to amputate one of her legs after it became infected. At the time of the surgery, one of Mandy’s legs weighed a whopping 40 pounds!

#9 – How’s the Weather?

Hows The Weather
If you’re tall, chances are pretty good that one of your shorter friends has asked, “How’s the weather up there?” If truth be told, most of us would love to be a little taller to earn a bit more respect as we tower over our peers, even our competitors. Thirty-one year old Sultan Kosen of Turkey probably wishes, however, that he could be at least a foot shorter. Currently known as the tallest man in the world, Kosen’s head reaches just below a basketball rim as he towers at a sky-scraper height of 8 feet, 3 inches tall. Can you imagine the size of his feet? With his dunking abilities, someone should hurry up and get this guy an NBA deal, stat!

#8 – Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim
From the tallest person in the world to the shortest, meet Chandra Bahadur Dangi. Dangi is the closest thing in the world to the Ant Man as he registers in at a teeny tiny 19 inches tall (or short, as the case may be!). This 75 year old resident from Nepal has faced countless challenges due to his lack of height but still manages to live an active lifestyle! We can’t help but think that he must feel like one of the kids off of Honey! I Shrunk the Kids! Who knows? Maybe he’s the perfect star to fill a spot in the Avengers! You never know.

#7 – Tiny Tina

Tiny Tina
Dangi might be the shortest person in the world at a staggering 19 inches short but, the title of the shortest woman in the world goes to Jyoti Amge. Jyoti has actually received quite a bit of fame from her smallness as she starred in the season of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” alongside Emma Roberts. Jyoti actually suffers from a disease known as achondroplasia, which has limited her ability to grow. She stands at only 24.7 inches tall but, despite being tiny, she certainly has accomplished far more than many of us ever will in terms of Hollywood stardom.

#6 – Beefcake

Who hasn’t packed on a little weight at one time or another? Most of the time, holiday seasons, vacations and trips to grandma’s house cause us to add a little fluff. With muffin tops and juicy booties, people typically gain 15 to 20 pounds (OK, so maybe it’s more but we’ll leave that alone so we can enjoy that last donut!). But, can you imagine gaining that amount of weight one hundred times? Meet Patrick Deuel who is the heaviest man in the world and has been dubbed as the “Half Ton Man.” A resident of Nebraska, Deuel has weighed in at over 1,100 pounds. Having recently undergone surgery, he lost over half of his weight, dropping to a staggering 570 pounds! With some positive motivation to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”, we have no doubt that skinny jeans are in his future!

#5 – And the Ladies

And The Ladies
Having met the heaviest man in the world, it’s time to meet one of the heaviest women in the world, weighing in at more than five times a normal healthy weight! Thirty-eight year old Charity Pierce is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and kept getting larger and larger without showing any intent or sign of stopping. At her heaviest, Pierce weighed a heart-stopping 765 pounds. Luckily, Pierce was motivated by her upcoming wedding and lost 200 pounds. Here’s to Pierce for taking initiative! We’re rooting for her to continue shedding the pounds so that she can live a long happy life with her spouse!

#4 – Moo On Over

Moo On Over
What’s not to love about cows?  If you’ve traveled or lived in the Midwest then you probably already know that there is a huge farming culture, especially in the state of Wisconsin where cows are seen in nearly every field. Cue the “moo’s” as we meet 10 old Midwesterner Austin Siok who just might be the best farmer in the world. Austin’s cow impression is top notch as he effortlessly calls out to the livestock, wrangling them in a cow-like trance. Who needs a cow-herding dog when Austin’s around? In a competition of over 80 contestants in the cow-calling contest, Austin took the grand prize of a smooth $1,000. That sure is a lot of mooo-lah!

#3 – Under the Knife

Under The Knife
While many of us wish for different looks from straight hair or curly, big eyes or smaller lips, we only do so out of desire for perfection as we imagine it. Most of us opt for natural remedies to make small improvements to our appearance, but this isn’t the case when it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein married into money and decided to take an interest in plastic surgery to achieve her physical fantasy look. Undergoing countless surgeries, Wildenstein now looks like she might wildly meow before she could ever speak a “hello” again. Regardless of what we think, she seems to think that she’s purr-fect.

#2 – Knitty Committee

Knitty Committee
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? From painting and drawing to gardening or sports, hobbies are great ways to relieve stress and soothe our minds. With recent popularity, crocheting and knitting are no longer hobbies left to grandmothers and great aunts. Today, Audrey Horncastle puts a new twist on the hobby as she doesn’t knit blankets or hats; she knits breasts out of wool. Why breasts, you ask? Audrey crochets and donates the breasts to expectant mothers who want to learn how to breastfeed. Crocheting breasts has gained Audrey quite the attention online which she’s gladly milking for everything its worth.

#1 – Buff the Stuff

Buff the Stuff
Have you met the Incredible Hulk? We’ve seen a man on steroids but this giant from Lithuania takes strength to a new level. Don’t you agree? Zydrunas Savickas embodies discipline and practice as he has diligently worked to gain and maintain incredible strength to compete against other fierce lifters. Nicknamed “Big Z” for obvious reasons, he is the strongest man alive in the world today. With a record of deadlifting a whopping 1,155 pounds, he could easily pick up the heaviest man in the world, Patrick Deuel, who we saw earlier our list! Now here’s a man who’s earned his reputation!

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